Saturday, March 19, 2005

mm.. should i be happy or sad then?!!

I was going to write how happy I am for being described as a GREAT WRITTER…
Until a horrible thing happened..
Let me catch my breath.. I still can't imagine or get in anything yet..

Well, it all started when I heard a new Egyptian announcer joined china radio. I was astonished, because thought they are presenting the Arabic program, HOWEVER, they are way behind pronouncing proper Arabic..
That's why, as soon as I heard "Ahmed Abu Zeid" on china radio.. I couldn't hold myself writing my 1st email..
ONE click away.. PRESS enter.. TADA..
UM in.. UM in..

And after reading my email, he described my style as pretty close to great writers.. as if I am already one of THEM!!! *he said*
And guess what also?!
He gona make another episode for my writings.. GOSH!!

And supposing.. that should had made me high up to cloud number 9..
BUT BUT..BUT.. mmm.. I dunno how to say that.. but I betrayed my best and dearest friend of all times..
YES.. I did.. call me a MURDERER..

Well, I hold my walkman to listen to Um Kalthoum's night slot as usual.. when I broke the wire connecting to the dial ..
No longer my friend can catch any station.. I left him as a paralyzed old cassette..
I took away his lively smile.. I took away his wacky laughter on the air..

I just can't imagine how I did so..
He was the only precious thing in my life.. because since the day my father brought him to me.. as a present for my success in school.. I haven't left him a second..
He was always there for me.. whenever I am playing, or relaxing.. studying or reading.. on bed or the beach..
Now what to become of me without HIM?!!

I dunno if I'll buy another or not.. or if I'd go and let someone to fix..
I just can't stand another one to take his place in my life.. or another hands than mine to mess up with him…

I just hate that all.. I don’t think being called a great writer or even noble prize itself would ever EVER compensate a happy moment I shared with you my friend..

Time to go.. 73's


Blogger MoonLightShadow said...

Hey bluelue.. cheer up my friend, I know how sad u might be, as it's always the case for me as well, when I ruin a dear thing to my heart..

3/22/2005 01:36:00 PM  

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