Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Serious addiction..

Obviously I’m not blogging.. for un-defined reasons. YES! Thinking problems are there within my mind. More of being confused about a certain issue that’s taking all the space I have in my brain.

Yet as a matter of a habit.. well sort of.. here are my last punch of movies seen lately..
1. The English patient: Sucks
2. Toy story 1: beautiful
3. The ladykillers: Sucks, couldn’t even complete 15 mins
4. Notes on a scandal: good plot.
5. Eternal Sunshine on the spotless mind: good plot, horrible Jim and Kate.
6. Because I said so: Light
7. Life, or something like it: Horrible. Hate mrs Jolie.
8. The prestige: excellent.
9. Monsters, inc.: average.

I think that was enough!.. on the list
1. Music and lyrics
2. About a boy
3. Butterfly effect
4. Toy Story 2
5. The Schindler’s list
6. Happy feet

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