Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My To-do

So, I decided to take few days off from work. I've been running in loops for quite a while now.
Work Work Work.. Activities Activities Activities.. then few mins left for sleeping.. That's my present life.

No complains.. at least I'm busy doing something, better than busy not doing something, or not busy at all.. LOL!
Still I have my dreams I'm chasing. And I'll never rest till I have my feet firmly to the ground..

Organizing and days off, here you are my to-do list:

1. Finish the list for my books.
2. Email O and W about the survey.
3. Finish writing the advertisement
4. Go to the dentist
5. Finish reading 3 books: Animal farm, Alexandria/Beirut, History of women's movement in Egypt, koshary Masr
6. Write 2 articles on GVO for the preparations and the day
7. Formate the PC and install Linux
8. mm.. will get to it later

That’s enough for now.. oh.. and SLEEEEEP .. full stop.


Blogger zambarota said...

Animal Farm is great and simple and full of meanings. Good luck with your vacation and i hope you do all the stuff you are planing to do and not waste it in sleeping :P although i think sleeping isn't a waste of time after all (A)

4/01/2009 01:12:00 PM  

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