Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I won't be a teen anymore beginning from today. I will have 2 instead of 1 before my years starting from today...
I remember when I was years counted on one hand, years old.. Not so far away, yet these were my sweet old days that I will always cherish.. When I laughed like I never knew meaning of worries.. I ran and played and had all the fun in the world.. I can still hear echoes of laughers in my ears.. and see some flashes of unforgotten moments.. First day I went to school.. Then my graduation party.. First day in collage..And my last birthday..

My last birthday, as if it was yesterday.. I remember everything as if.. umm as if a dream.. ya it was a dream.. so special to me and so unique.. for the first time I felt I am not alone..

Yet, it just feels weird.. Weird how time goes by so quickly.. Slips between our hands without any notice.. and all what we are, is but a memory in time.. I say just like a breeze that blow yesterday.. was there yesterday.. yet today no more.. hardly remembered.. or even noticed..

all what I can just say .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME SWEET 20
I wish me a blessed year to come.. Enjoying being 20.. Hopefully

c ya nxt yr @ z same v time..


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