Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dear Whoever again,

Dear Whoever again,

Three months already passed, since I first had this blog and posted
my first entry. Yet, still I hadn't made my mind: What's To Become of It?!
LOL, that reminds me with the drama "Pygmalion" by "George Bernard Shaw"!!

Shall I dedicate my page to politics and current events or religion.. Or shall it be science or technology.. Engineering or literature then!! I wonder..
In fact, I am not into any field specifically.. Its I like having bits and pieces from here and there.. Without being attached to a certain theory or ideology.. Moreover, I haven't had the proper response to show whether anyone out there following or not!!! May be I am too hasty or too demanding, I don't know..

So until I can figure out something innovative and catchy to an Egyptian blog, can't you help me with your wildest guessings, and drop in any ideas!!!

As for now, I gota catch my lunch..
C ya..

PS: NEVER dare to ask me.. Why all this FUZZ?!!
Cm'On, I just can't bear having a page described as: Personal..


Blogger bella said...

I like the name "bits and pieces" or "here and there" then it can be about whatever you feel in the moment.

2/23/2005 08:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Whoever again,

God!!! Has it been three months already?!!... I still remember it like yesterday with every tiny detail of it...
...Reading your first entry
...Getting provoked
...Clicking that comment-link having no idea whatsoever of what am gonna leave you there
...Droppin few words & postin it quickly before I change my mind.

God!! It was quite an experience...:-D

But you know what?!! I did enjoyed that experience alot.. sharing the void with you

Keep it up dear Whoever...

2/24/2005 11:00:00 PM  

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