Saturday, February 26, 2005

Let them believe that girlies, Campaign..

I must be the happiest girl today, Cairo...
With the sound of The Lady "Om Kalthoum" wafting to my ears from the other room.. The weather is just FINE.. and I'm sitting to my little Blue babeh, blogging ;) ..
What else do I need?!!

Phew, it was a LOOOONG day.. and the pre-conference sessions, already are turning me NUTS.. URGH..
Imagine what they asked us to handle next time!!!
"If we could have a successful brain transplant between a man and a monkey.. What will be the changes in the monkey's behavior, if its going to be changed in any aspect... !!!"

They can't be serious.. YET THEY REALLY ARE..

hehe.. "What's to become of the little poor monkey now?!"
He got to be imprisoned in the devious, mean, evil, nasty humanly attitudes...
PITY you monkey monk!!

You should have joined us when we started that debate: Men are smarter than women.. NO COMMENT fellow men...
**Tada Tada Bing Bang Boom** It was a complete hassle believe me.. With the attacking females' side, and defensive males' one.. it was hilarious guys.. believe me it was..
Men were really ready to do anything, ANYTHING, just to believe that...
Let them believe that girlies.. LET THEM... hehe
He who laughs last *winks winks*

OK, apart from all that, I have an important decision to announce..
I will leave this blog as being personal.. No problem, friends.. Its going to take some time. But I think I can manage that..
Yet, I'll be telling you all about the HR development latter on, in a separate blog... I am already excited... just I wana have a proper blog name.. and I'll start right away...
So ANY ideas?!!

Goood Night Cairo..
Enjoy tonight's (Late Cartoon Show) program.. Ossama seems high, up to cloud # 9


Blogger Sou said...

Blue! I received your e-mail. And i could say, you got it right, but spelt it incorrectly! How'd you find out tho?!! E-mail me baq, no need to share your conclusions with the world, hehehe...

And it's great that you're keeping this blog as personal! I love it the way it is ;) A mix of everything that's going on in your head!

You poor thing, you actually had to go to that conference?! What kind of a question was that?! A trasnplant between a man and a monkey?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! NO COMMENT!!! NO COMMENT INDEED!

Well dah-ling i have to go, i've got to get up early tomorrow, if you're got MSN, please feel free to add me! ciao luvvay! :D

2/27/2005 11:33:00 PM  
Anonymous travellin-back-in-time-sheryos said...

I don't know if u're ever going to read this ... but wanted to point out to one lil' thingy :

y didn't u say (she who laughs last..).. coz it's always a HE who laughs last :P

8/04/2005 03:31:00 AM  

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