Monday, February 13, 2006

Another day..

“Single bells, SINGLE bells, single all the way.. O how fun 2 be single on Valentine's day.”

Today was a special day for many reasons; but I will not talk about it. Mm because.. well, I don’t want to talk about it!

But above all, I want to remember mainly 2 reasons:

1. it was raining heavily today. Though it was like a miracle finding something to take back home, but I liked looking thru the bus window while it was pouring outside and people were trying to hide for a shelter or jumping over water ditches. I love this scene in its genuine spirit you can’t find except when it rains..

2. as my usual, the 1st thing I do whenever I reach my room, checking my email. Then, to my surprise, I found one of the loveliest emails I ever had by someone called “Mind Scan”.. mm.. I don’t think I know him/her.. and even if I do.. taking few minutes of your time to ask about someone –I’m sure- you’ve never met is one-big-something!
He/she was actually checking if everything was going ok with me, since I claimed to be leaving blogging.. the point is I ran out of gratitude and thank you words “Mind scan”. For you made my day.. knowing that someone somewhere cares enough to sit on his/her computer and write such email, makes me believe. Tomorrow SHOULD be brighter :)

"come on, lets sing along.. Single bells, Single bells, Single all the way….."

OK, OK, I made my mind about a 3rd thing I wish to remember.. we actually had our 1st meeting today :D

"... O how fun 2 be single on Valentine's day."


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