Monday, February 06, 2006

Talking loud..

Torching the embassies in Lebanon and Syria is a major stupid attitude from some Muslim extremists mostly youth; which I do not support by any means!!..
YES! The Prophet Mohamed would have never asked us to frighten citizens. Remember, in wars he used to ask his soldiers never to hurt a female or a child or an old man… He even asked his soldiers never to cut a tree. (And that was at times of war)… and even when his people used to hurt him tremendously, in addition to his companies, He (pbuh) never thought of a destructive attitude.. EVER!!

Some Muslims apologized for torching the embassies, and so I wondered for a while, should I or should I not apologize as well?. YES! What happened reflect a barbaric attitude, and forces the west to believe how ignorant, radical and uncivilized the Muslims are. YET! I can’t deny that my feeling -as a Muslim- was hurt and directly offended. Making fun of the Prophet leaves no excuses for the Denmark or any other country which published the same photos in an act of solidarity!
And so I decided, if Muslims were thought to be ignorant for their late attitude (with free speech I mean), then the west looks even more ignorant for their behavior (their behavior in the sense that: They didn’t search properly before presenting these cartoons.) They got modern technology, science, whatever.. and still accepted to work on their pre-drawn mind-images without investigating what is right and what is wrong. And so I thought, the west and the Islamic world are even now.. so no apologies from my side *sorry my friends if I let you down* .

Some would think that Muslims over reacted for a matter of free speech – as the news paper claims- but let me tell you something, at times of the prophet, his companies were ready to sacrifices their lives, their children, their wives.. they were ready to sacrifices whatever they’d cherish only for one thought “we have the duty for defending Prophet Muhamed”. And now it’s our turn and we- including me- should be doing something.
Therefore, if I was yesterday with boycotting 50%, today I am with it 200% and even more. Something should be done concerning this. What is sacred should be kept sacred. What is holy should be left holy. And let me ask this simple Question again: “what happens if a foreign newspaper thought of denying the holocaust?”
*I am leaving My Reader to answer.*
But that makes non sense, we are making a comparison between an incident that touches a group of people, and the Prophet of the 2nd largest religion almost in all Europe –if not the whole world-.

All what I concluded from the whole thing after all is that: there is yet another form of racial discrimination taking place, but this time for the Muslims!

Time to go..
May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you..


Anonymous Alaa said...

that's really inspiring, you for an apology for publishing cartoons.

yet you refuse to appologize for acts of violence.

2/07/2006 12:20:00 AM  

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