Friday, September 14, 2007

Random thoughts..

Ramadan is here, you probably know that by now; and it would be the 1st Ramadan I’d spend as free as a bird, you probably can guess that too. Around 3 months since I graduated with no sign of a job so far, and not the slightest intention to apply for masters as well.
I think I feel more relaxed, though I wish to get a job right now more than ever. Few of my friends got either engaged or started a career, so it makes one feel kind of bored sometimes. I hate waiting, it’s not a new info. I really really hate waiting like no other.

The past days I went thru different interviews, one of these was for my dream job, I asked the interviewer when would the result appear and he gave himself a due date like a week and a half ago, however, until this moment not a missed call 7ata. And it makes me feel a bit down almost all the time. In addition to, yesterday I discovered a friend took the very 1st position I applied for. Mm.. wasn’t a famous one aslan, I mean there wasn’t an advertisement for it or anything, I knew it through the very person who interviewed me in that dream job by the way, and so I thought like ok.. I’m going to hit the skies.. but nothing happened.. I was rejected..
Now it makes me feel awkward.. God.. I know I’d really like there and do my best…
But I keep wishing upon the stars.. I don’t know wither to call that person again, or keep waiting a little bit more till ALLAH only knows when..
I don’t know..

Ramadan is here, and nothing changed more or less. Except for one thing, I lost interest in watching TV or sitting on my computer. I feel everything a bit useless keda.. so I thought of buying a big Canava portrait.. I’d start doing it then hang it on my walls sometime.. why not.. I love canava and should never give in to that feeling.. ever..
I wish to go to the mosque a little bit more often.. and organize my time more..
Have lots to do within a very short time.. should finish the CCNA course, should strengthen my French better.. should finish reading Quran and the books I added to my list by El Ghazali.

How do u translate “canava” into English by the way.. I don’t know… bas so far I am pretty much excited about that very very.. it used to be one of my hobbies long time ago..
So probably waiting isn’t as bad.. I’d reconnect with myself again.. bas God.. let me know wither it’s a yes or no quick… I can’t think any further in any other thing as long as I don’t know my status regarding my dream job :(

Blue feels sad, yet wishing you all a happy Ramadan..
Takabal ALLAH

PS: I borrowed the above photo from "The holy month of Ramadan" Blog..
PS2: Do you think I should call or email or wait?


Blogger Daisy said...

uhm call ,
and it is Canva..
:D ramadan kareem

9/14/2007 04:02:00 AM  
Blogger He & She said...

Canvas work is a type of embroidery.
You should call, that is natural. noticing your enthusiasm is a point plus in your record. Those who shows strong desire to have the job are scored higher than those who apply and disappear. good luck

9/14/2007 11:37:00 AM  
Blogger أميرة البلطجية said...

First time for me to visit any of your blogs... bs your words sound a lot like me :)..even yr random thoughts..pretty much mine.. I think I will read more of you :)

9/17/2007 10:15:00 AM  

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