Tuesday, September 04, 2007

To all women: Raise your heads, you are free..

This week may be one of the strangest for me. I don’t know.. I feel my heart is very heavy. I don’t really know what I really want. So I keep on trying being the me I used to be and read.

I read books like I haven’t in months, especially religious ones..
1. “Screw it, Let’s do it”: By Richard Branson, an excellent inspirational book that I’ve already extracted few quotes from it.
2. “El motahadoon”: by MECA, for reviewing the Coptic situation in Egypt.
3. “El mar2a fl islam”: by El Sheikh el GHazali, Dr. Tantawy and Dr. Ahmad Omar Hashim, an average one.
4. “El tadayun el mankoos”: By Fahmy Huwady, and already discussed in my Arabic blog, pretty thoughts.
5. “Kdaya el mar2a”: By El Sheikh El Ghazali, and this one even better.
6. “Gaded 7ayatak”: By El Sheikh el Ghazali, just started, and seems interesting to me.
7. “Say7et ta7zeer mn do3at el tanseer”: by el Sheikh el Ghazali, mm.. didn’t like it that much.
In addition to few books about Human Resources and other management issues.

Reading makes me feel peaceful. With every new info I gain, I feel me a better person, relaxed and satisfied. Especially when its connected to religion. Except for 1 fact that irritates me like hell, the gap between Muslims and Islam. Why is that so? Why Muslims let other cultures to interfere and impose such ridiculous ideas on the beautiful religion?
Islam didn’t order women not to work.. so why they call women to stay at home?
Islam didn’t call for illiterate women.. so why did they deprived women from their educational rights?
Islam didn’t call for women working as servants in their houses.. so why did they humiliate women all through her life?
Islam called for respecting and honoring women.. so why do women themselves accept being used as a sex toy?

God.. its ridiculous… that very same lame look women receive everywhere…
Now I wish to say it loudly..
I’m proud to be a Muslim woman.. and even proud to have a mind to think, comprehend and criticize..


Blogger يَحيى المِصري said...

إزيك يا بلو

مش عارف والله أنا مابقراش كت دينية مباشرة فمش هادعي العلم بالنواحي الدينية
لكن وجهة نظري في عمل المرأة ناقشتها قل كده
إن العمل حرية شخصية ماتتحكمش فيها أي تصنيفات نوعية أو إثنية أو دينية
بمعنى إن العمل و التعليم حق مكفول لكل واحد بغض النظر عن عرقه أو نوعه أو دينه
لكن موضوع رفض بعض الناس لعمل المرأة ده كان نتيجة لموروثات إجتماعية موجودة في بعض المجتمعات زي كتير من الموروثات الإجتماعية اللي كتير بيحاولوا يضيفوا عليها صبغة دينية
و بيحاولوا دايما يتكلموا عن ضعف المرأة و عدم تأهيلها للعمل و إن الرجل (بدنيا ) مؤهل للعم لو ده في رأيي منطق غريب لأن العمل حاليا مش هو الخروج للصيد
بصي كل الأديان جت بصيغة ثورية يعني المسيحية جت بالسلام و الإسلام جه لينير عقول العالم و علماء المسلمين دليل على كده إزاي دلوقت بيحاولا يقنعوا الناس إن الإسلام نادى بجهل نص المجتمع

و ماتتوقعيش كلامك يعجب ناس كتير
بس و لا يهمك
معلش طولت عليكي يا بلو

9/05/2007 01:20:00 AM  

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