Sunday, December 23, 2007

Just a night..

Its 5:30 in the morning.
You know, its pretty much fun to work at night than in the morning. Everything around you should make you feel sleeping, even if they should not be. Everything appears to be much prettier, quitter, nicer and better. I love how the night always plays his magical touch on everybody. And how the dawn wakes everyone again up.
Up and down and down and up. That’s how life goes on. That’s how we live. Sunset, sun rise. Life, then death. And death then again life.
Eternity? Immortality? Infinity? Or what?!

Imagine now, the put nearly half the lights off, and me playing Om Kalthoum.
Where on earth you can have better moment than this?

Its 5:35 in the morning.
Will go make a cup of tea. Wait for me..

Its 5:45 in the morning.
Drinking tea with the Brownies I’ve bought today. You know what? I’ve just discovered why do I love brownies above all other cakes. Because of the walnuts inside. I just love walnuts. And for no particular reason. May be because its crispy and light while chewing. It feels great, and tastes ever greater. And I do really adore it..
Om kalthoum just finished. And I got to fetch a new something to listen to. Yah, got “Thawrat el shak”. Something in that song can add to any night magic over the magic already existing. How can a person be that kind when dealing with a person asking… “Please tell me.. I might be doubting myself, because I might be doubting you and you are myself. People talk, and I want you to tell me. Did you deceive me?”.
Of course, never count to my rough translation, it’s the ugliest of all. (You can read the complete lyrics here, and listen to the song from here.)

Its 6:05 in the morning.
My mother just ringed me. And me trying to get the lyrics of the song to add to the blog. Mm.. I feel tired and wish to sleep or read, but the rights are dim.
I’ll just go, I forgot what I wanted to say .. And now I don’t have anything to talk about, and in no urge for anything..
I'll just go .. and catch you later..

PS: it's VERY hot in here, though I've heard it COLD outside.. wish me luck not to catch cold..


Blogger Jade said...

Wow - how beautiful is the night indeed... I love everything at night & I always say that nothing unimportant is said after midnight.

UM Kolthoum... girl you've got taste & class - I dont know this song but will surely download it...

I hope you enjoy the winter since I am missing it here & I just wanted to wish you kol sana wenty tayeba & a Happy New Year...

12/24/2007 12:28:00 PM  
Blogger Qabbani said...


have a nice day without cold ;)

12/25/2007 12:25:00 PM  

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