Sunday, June 08, 2008

She got to admit

She amazes me every time I find this look in her eyes, and I wonder why she wishes that hard to make us friends.
Competitive she is. But I would never give her the chance :)
Me and her totally different; Socially, mentally, life style… etc. and its not meant for arrogance, but me and her can never make friends one day.
I tried before once and twice, but its hard to be with someone you don’t feel comfortable with, you feel there is something s/her trying to reach.
Yet what amazes me more her stubbornness to achieve what she wants though she believes as good as I do that me and her = a pathetic relationship.
Yeah yeah! That is pathetic…

May be she thinks I might be her enemy?
I think so sometimes, and this way she tries to turn an enemy into a friend.
But if so, then she got to understand I am not her enemy. I don’t care if she took A, and me straight B’s. in fact, I see me more a B girl than an A one.
Me only a girl who wishes to live her life as simple as that. No big dreams. No complicated wishes. no worries. No envies. No inner wars. No fights for fake lights.

I feel sad for her sometimes. But most of the other times, I wish I could punch her in the face, to let go of all the accumulated feelings towards her, and then she or me can rest in peace forever.


Blogger Om LMriala Ko7ly.. said...

be too secretive.. too silent,
and too smiling..
she'll never feel any comfort..
and maybe, she'll try to keep a distance mahma 2arrabet...

6/08/2008 05:58:00 PM  

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