Thursday, January 08, 2009

God bless all the martyrs

Sameh Habeeb
Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Palestine
I am Sameh A. Habeeb. I'm a Palestinian born and raised in Gaza. I'm 23 years old. I have a bachelor degree in English Language and Literature. I have worked in several different fields’ pre and post of my university studies for almost 5 years. I have worked as volunteer in civil societies where I practiced tasks to help people and educate children. I worked as News Producer and a Journalist at the Ramattan News Agency which is Regional Media facility based in Gaza and the Middle East.

I’ve read the above words on Sameh’s blog, while wondering.. He hasn’t blogged since 2 days.. where is he now? Is he alive? Or is it electricity outage that stopped him from accessing the internet? Or did Israeli’s manage to stop all forms of communication? Is he dead? Or flit somewhere to escape the bombs? Is it cold where he is? How can he bear the bombs all night? Can they sleep? Can they eat, drink or breathe?
He’s 23.. as old as I am.. with a bachelor degree.. as my studies degree.. he’s a news reporter.. as my dream..
I’m here typing my words of disbelief and pain, and he –God knows where.
I am sitting in my room eating a luxurious chocolate.. listening to music and pressing letters forming words.. my family sleeping in the other room.. the kitchen is 1 meter away.. and.. alone..

Sameh might not be the only one who disappeared under such conditions.. but above all I’m sure.. with all the prayers world wide.. He must not alone..


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