Tuesday, February 03, 2009

These are few of my "tagged" things *

Tayb, Thanks Gjoe for the tag.. though its been long I haven't replied any tags.. bas its good to have one every once in a while.. especially to show a life "signal" to whoever following this blog ;)

Favorite color: Baby blue, baby purple and baby pink
Favorite perfume (guys): e7m, I don't know
Favorite perfume (girls): two e7m-s and a half.. I don't know!
Favorite pj brand: I'll know, once you tell me what PJ :S
Favorite clothes brand in general: going local?.. Rojada :D
Favorite person in the entire world: My fiance, brother, Bavalova and my mother (in no order)
Favorite country: Egypt.. of course!
Favorite car: Beatles :D and 128
Favorite sport: walking
Favorite sport player: mm.. shall I say e7m too?
Favorite spot in the World: A desert between high mountains and sea
Favorite animal: Horses
Favorite movie: Esha3et hob and You've got mail :D
Favorite singer: mm.. Alot bsara7a.. lets say Abdel Wahab, Thoma, Omaima, Marcel khalifa, Asmahaan, Mohamed Mounir, Ali El Haggar, Hanan Mady.. ABBA, Josh Groban, Michael Bubble, Air Supply, Charles Aznavour, Jose Feliciano.. ah.. enough!
Favorite day in the week: Tuesday
Favorite time of the day: At sunset and very late at night
Favorite holiday season: any agaza, as long as its agaza
Favorite number: 3
Favorite food: Beeb Beeb molo5ya! wara2 3enab?.. yum yummy.. fatta?
Favorite chocolate: Dark chocolate or chocolate with fruits
Favorite cartoon: Anastasia and Finding Nemo (3ashan gjoe matz3alsh :D )
Favorite blogger: yaaah keteeeeer... everybody on my Fl-Alb ;)
Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Mango or Mystic with Pistachio
Favorite Mobile Brand: Sony Ericsson all the way
Favorite name: lasto adri :P
Favorite hobby: Reading, writing, following latest on social networking revolution.. as well listing to radio and nagging my brother..
Favorite room in my house: I used to like odet el sofra fi betna el adeem.. mm.. I hate our current house
Favorite Fruit: Mango tb3an
Favorite flower: Purple or rosy tulips..
Favorite Quran Reciter: El Menshawy
Favorite Ayah: Ayet el Korsy
Favorite Website: :D ah! I can't live without My Reader, Gmail, Twitter.. my blogs.. and.. you can actually sum it up into 1 phrase "the entire web pages"

I Tag: Zeinobia, Tarek, Deee, Juka, Nerro, Nisso, AD Sabry, layal, Nousha, Enadaha, Noon, Hagar and Cesario.

PS: The title is from the song: "These are few of my favorite things"


Anonymous A said...

Hey Blue..

PJ = Pajamas

El-Menshawy! Coincidently I was listening to whim while reading your post! My favourite reciter as well..

2/04/2009 10:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Rain said...

Favorite person in the entire world: My fiance


2/10/2009 08:40:00 AM  
Blogger Lasto adri *Blue* said...

yaaah! welcome back :)
Thanks for the clarification :D but still whats my Favorite Pajamas y3ni...
with butterflies tayb? :D

Thanks Rain ;)

2/10/2009 09:35:00 AM  

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