Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Starry starry night..

Supposedly, today was the last day in collage before exams ..*YAY, What a relief!!*
Tell ya.. I got to admit, I HATE that collage.. I HATE its empty halls and walls.. and my fellow colleges *as well*, but for few folks, my gang and the breaks ;) ;)

Yet actually, I was thinking of anything but the above, on my way back home.
I only remember I had a sudden shiver all through me, and an eagerness to walk, capturing my every senses.. Un-consciously I gripped my stuff and things, just in a second I was off the bus to a near by station *obviously not mine!*

So I wandered a little here, and a little there.. Until I found my feet tapping through my club’s gate. As I entered, I was taken by over whelming, warm welcome of the April flowers, still waiting for me. Let alone the burning sun, or the books chaining me.. I started humming “Vincent” by Don McLaen, that popped up in my head, without a proper or clear reason.. *and no knock knocks*
“Shadows on the hills..
sketch the trees and the daffodils..
catch the breeze and the winter chills..”

When a breeze, I know by heart, filled me in with a unique un-defined, abrupting feeling of unity and vanish.. as light as a feather, swaying to a no-where never-land.
“They would not listen..
they did not know how..
perhaps they’ll listen now..”

In a genuine, cherished moment of harmony and majesty.. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.. *if you’ve ever saw that idiot, holding books and having kinda dirty sneakers.. blah blah.. then.. hehe.. that was ME :D *
I wondered about my all of a sudden “nature love”.. And hunger for liberty to break all rules and chains.. and above all, my sudden belief I am the breeze itself..
“Starry starry night..
flaming flowers that brightly blaze..
swirling clouds in violet haze..

For they could not love you, But still your love was true.”

I remembered your smile and was swept by a flood of wished to start from the childish steps.. dancing on a piano tune or playing hide and seek between the trees..
What a wonderful world this can be, with twinkling eyes, sparkling in the horizons of a day like today..
“They did not listen..
they did not listen still..
perhaps they will never will..”

Thank You ALLAH for all the blessings I have in life.

PS: you can find here the complete lyrics..

Time to go… 73's


Blogger Steliano Ponticos said...

This is freedome, even better maybe its how do you say...2ensigam. You should be very happy because moments like this are the best..

5/11/2005 01:46:00 AM  
Blogger ramses1 said...

I know that feeling, the feeling of great desire to escape the real world away from college life and stresses. What I do is climb up to our library, go to the Architecture and Design or Travel Books section, pick one (one with lots of photos) and jump back in my bed and flip through it. I flip and dream and wonder till i am dead tired and sleep with the book in my hands. Sweet Dreams!

5/11/2005 12:39:00 PM  
Anonymous BlueLue said...

o yaaaaa.... ensgam w rawa2an..
w rabena yestor

5/12/2005 11:54:00 AM  
Anonymous sherif said...

Welcome to the i-don-wana-be-here-but-somewhere-else zone ( coz i've been here lots n lots of times)..

Actually, i don hate colg that much ( i've finally found a way to adapt)... n as for friends, i blv pne should only take he likes as friends.. it's just not everyone is fits into everybody's personality ...
never heard that song b4 ..

But gotta say, it's one of your best articles yetttt..

5/12/2005 05:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Sh.Tal3at said...

so far this is wht I call the perfect discription of Joy n Harmony, y do we not find these places??!! Knowing that I do live nearby the ones u've mentioned??? I guess after all "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder"... Thnx 4 sharing ur cute thoughts with us, but may I ask if this place really exists in Heliopolis???
I dont know the song u mentioned but sure I did hear it later n 'd like to say that itsa Marvel! May u live in this peaceful world u succesfully portrayed in our minds n Best Wishes re-finding this place after ur Exams :)
At last I'd like to record that ur sense of humour is almost hibernating in ur English writings n v remarkable in Arabic ones, isnt that a mystery???!!!
Hope u keep on the high esteem,
urs Sincerely

5/12/2005 05:47:00 PM  
Blogger Lasto adri -- BlueLue said...

hay guys..
wana a2ol el blog menawar leh... :D

sheryos : if u mean, you don't have another place to go to.. ten wait after exams, i'll suggest some places isA..
bas zakr enta bas.. HUH :@

Sh.tal3at : Begad i dont have the proper words to thank you..
the place is in our club.. 3adi gate 2 :D
glad someone AT LAST like my musical taste.. i thought i am a weirdo !!
anyways, after exam you'll find a collection isA of the same type ;)
btw : i dont intend to b funny.. it just pops up itself.. but really dunno abt eng.

yalla RABENA ma3ana ALLLL... :S exams time!!!!!

ps: sheryos.. ya3ni eh tottaled di?!


5/13/2005 11:40:00 AM  

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