Friday, June 30, 2006

I hate this place.. and if ther eis a way to delete it.. crack it down.. do whatever that won’t make me feel this feeling, I’ll go for it

L2 bgd…. Asba7 makan ka2eeeb.. wana ka2eba.. w mesh 3ayza elli 3ayzah
U know when u r drunk and you go and knock which ever door infront of you, un awar what it might have behind!!
I did that!!
As if I was in that need to talk
May itbe a strange something to do… may be.. I do not know

So whatever… that place makes me feel suffocating f3lan… w elli mesh 3ayza shof wesho tani

From now one.. its one time and for good…. Not nothing to do with bluelue ever again

I might use another nick and start some where another…

But definite word………..
Good bye my worst night mare ever…

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