Sunday, June 18, 2006

My confession

The fact is, I can’t get along with someone for long. Its one lf my life’s tragedies begad. Hate to have someone, anyone near. Hate to know that someone, anyone will b sticking to me for long. And could my friendship to some is going ok for long, is that there were and still hell of limits and distances separating us. We are connected to one thing, only a thing, and the rest are left for individual interests. GOSH!
And the harsh part is that, I always feel guilt that I’m hurting someone, anyone always. Those who I meet with this stupid look and hard words. Just can’t help it begad.. can’t help it at all.


Anonymous Epitaph said...

you are in a cocoon! with walls all surrounding you! anyone who'd approach to see this beautiful , fragile, weak flower'll be more fierce and build up more walls around you..and shoot if anyone gets close!

Try not to live with both masks of the unconquered and the weak!

Be natural! or a little bit!

enjoy being cared of..enjoy the few moments of sharing your tears in public..and someone really hugging you! you won't fight forever!

your feeling of independence,.,is really great! but sometimes you should rely a bit on someone..!

No one will get hurt..but you! stop blaming really hurts!

Life is a jest , dear (John Gay)

6/19/2006 09:35:00 AM  

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