Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today I learnt 2 new things..

It’s been too long when my fellow blogger Moamen told me about Adsence google. He added there are some checks sent to you, once you exceed a certain sum of money. Sound interesting, but never got the guts to try it before.
However, for no particular reason, today I placed my adsence, who knows?! Mesh I might collect a fortune and become a reach lady :D Then I’d buy my domain,, and my laptop, a nano ipod and a digi camera and my favorite of all, my digi radioo.. YAY! Sounds interesting!!
Though I felt awkward after wards, I mean I am not that kind “blogging or money” or may be “writing for money” kind of person.. hmm, I even felt more awkward when I thought “God, who might be reading my personal info :s “!!
Yet as always, who knows!

The 2nd new thing, you won’t believe it! But it was Sudoku!!
A friend of mine in college gave me one sudoku to solve while we were having a long gap between lectures and I was bored to death. Anyways, I couldn’t get it at start, was like “what the heck those people trying to do?!”.. yet after I finished my 1st sudoku, I felt like “YAY! It is cool”!!
Sooo, I begged her to give me new ones,, and guess what, I solved 3 today :d and even my brother Ba3ko, got engaged into sudoku as well :D, we’ve been playing together all the way back home from college.

Glad I’m still learning :)

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