Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back from there..

So I returned back from Matroh. Was a nice summer vacation, thought not my best. Mm.. few conflicts with my father as usual. As if he can’t enjoy a week without a fight. 3adi.. isn’t it?
Yes, turned dark 5ales ..
Met few nice people. There is a gathering next Thursday, and probably I wont attend. This stupid Vodafone training I’m having at the moment is consuming all my afternoons.
My ears hurt awi.. and officially I’m turning deaf. F3lan, I can’t hear anything. And people got to raise their voices a lot so I can figure out the words spoken. Even today I was acting stupid searching where is the phone ringing while it was just beside me! Duh!
Tomorrow most probably I’ll go to a dr. isA.

I want to work ba2a!
I know that still I’m encountered as a fresh graduate, a very recent one who got not to worry about work. But look at me. I’m an average person, with very little skills concerning technical life. Low cumulative grade. I don’t know!
I was fresh yesterday as I returned home wallahi! I was joking and having fun.. I’ve met very nice guys and gals and had a lot of good times together all the week long. But something was pushing on hard on me. Even my mother asked me what was wrong with me. Frankly I had no clear another. I didn’t really know whats wrong. Something was just nagging me, forcing me not to fully enjoy my time, even to dislike keda gatherings no matter how much I enjoy it.

Was trying to learn CCNA there by the way. And tell you I hate it. That’s all what I’ve learnt through out the vacation, I hate networks, communications and electronics .. LOL! Would never make a good engineer, that’s how I think.
GRRR! I wish to stop thinking in this working thingie y3ni.. tab what about those who got army lessa in January or so. Ain’t I better?
And I can’t empty this tiny mind ever.

Lost interest in reading and writing f3lan. Unless its something I need now, I wont risk sitting in front of a book reading.. its getting on my nerve recently.
Not in my good shape.. though I was so yesterday… could be the hot atmosphere that sucks f3lan. Could be humidity.. could be the shocking fact that I’m stuck again in Cairo for at least a year and may be longer..
Who knows..

Wish to blog in here more often…
Will try..


Blogger The Eyewitness said...

Sometimes is just a word, a thought or whatever that either makes our day or ruins it... And most of times it is always tough to discover the word or whatever the had all this offect on us. But it is good to discover it to help us discover our internal more clearly. Hope you better days and mode soon, mine was bad as well today, but I can guess why..

8/28/2007 05:02:00 AM  
Blogger Nono said...

you should blod more often and often..! i like reading your post bluelue. anyways, my name is nono from Malaysia and i took some of your words and use it in my blog. i hope you wont mind... :-) cus i love all of your words and stories... worth to be share with other people i guess.. take care!

8/28/2007 04:19:00 PM  
Blogger Nono said...

typo *blog

8/28/2007 04:20:00 PM  

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