Friday, January 04, 2008

Movie time..

Didn’t I say long time ago I am into phases?
So guess what.. this weekend I was into watching movies again~ .. and I think I’ve watched a great deal, although I’ll never catch up with the pace… anyways, so here you are..

1. Ratatouille: thought I loved the plot.. I hated the rat :D .. there is something with me.. I feel disgusted from “animals” .. even in cartoon movies..
I didn’t like the long nose of his. I didn’t like he eating cheese. I didn’t like the French “ocordion” at the back ground..
Overall: 6/10

2. I am legend: what a horrible movie! I just hate the every second of it.. I HATE this time of sci-fi.. what’s with freeing earth people? What’s with extinction? Forget it.. there ain’t UFO’s in the outer space.. there ain’t diseases that will kill earth..
We will be living till the judgment day.. SO STOP THE NONSENCE!
Overall: big fat zero/10

3. Premonition: I’m not in love with Sandra Bullock, neither the story is original. For long, script writers discussed the “destiny” vs. visions..
Overall: 7/10

4. Bee movie: and how the cartoon movie to bee :P .. I loved it from head to toe. People it’s a good laugh.. thought it’s a bit similar to AntZ, but just go ahead and watch :D
Overall: 9/10

5. The terminal: didn’t I say before that Tom Hanks is the best?..
Overall: 9/10

6. Happy feet: its nice, but a one time watch movie. Mm.. I liked the penguins especially from Madagascar.. but here ain’t that funny, and I didn’t like the “each penguin should have a song for the heart” idea.. 2alsha awi :S
Overall: 7/10

And that concludes today’s round up, may be I’d watch Déjà vu.. and may be not.. not sure.. not sure, but sure will update you if I did.


Blogger AD sabry said...

i like any thing for sinfield
an i like musical movies to.

1/23/2008 09:01:00 AM  

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