Monday, January 14, 2008


I really envy such women who wear micro skirt, mini skirt.. which ever skirt shorter than mine and do not feel cold. I am wearing my whole cupboard now and freezing. I would understand if they are heading an air conditioned place, but open area?! .. its irresistibly forcing to question!


Last Friday was my birthday. Again a very moderate day, may be bellow moderate. No celebrations, no festivals, no balloons.. Just my mother baked Basbosa, which I hate.. so I only got to cutting and distributing.. fair enough in my birthday I think.
The night before was a night shift, which ended on the morning of January 11. You can immediately reckon I’ve passed the day sleeping and woke up to cut Basbosa to my family then natural normalities of my current life, a.k.a onlining.


That would take us back to work. Last week, I had to change my team. Now I’m working with different faces everyday. And everyday I tell myself, hopefully this would be the start of the remaining days before leaving them.
See, I’m not compatible with: shallow minds, bragging identities, exaggerating souls, snobbish creatures, dominating personalities, tasteless brains and the so call, high life people.
:D you can now guess who am I compatible with. Lol, and how on earth I’m trying to survive with such easy-mesy new fellow colleagues.


Last December the 28th, was this blog’s 3rd birthday.
Time flies.
I admit being a horrible blog owner. But, dear blog, thank God you are 3 and still counting. Life is not easy pal, and you have to suffer as well. Me go to work, you wait.
But above all, we are still friends, you know that. I didn’t forget you, neither did I forget your birthday day, but I wasn’t in the mood. Things go wrong sometimes, things go partially wrong.. mm.. the other way only other times.. and things doesn’t go at all the rest of the times.
So, from now on, I don’t promise to be as before.. mm.. this years’ phase is certainly not the writing mood. I wish it won’t extend. Because last time I had it, it cost me a talent to fade away. Mm.. you know I can write, but always me the lazy person.. always me, the .. me I guess.
I will try.. don’t worry. I shouldn’t forget writing, I shouldn’t do.
Thank you for allowing me to invest in you, the previous 3 years.. and hopefully others to come.
Happy birthday dear blog. Happy birthday dear void, who ain’t a void any longer.


Well, looks like the movies phase is extending a little bit longer.
Last vacation, that’s practically today the last day in it, I’ve watched 3 more movies.. tada.

1. Love actually: a booming blast. I loved it. And loved to believe love is all around us. Love is really all around us.

2. Finding Neverland: that’s what I call a quality movie picture. The start is a bit dull, to be frankly the 1st half is extremely boring. But the 2nd half, ever since the writer said he’s going to name one of his characters “Peter”, I reconnected the incidents and began to understand what is going on, and hence started the magic. Ya.. I cried my eyes out at the end of it. The young boy’s acting is way from heaven. Wow and applause.

3. The notebook: if one thing I’d thank this movie for, would be allowing me to discover that I’m a normal girl with normal feelings and I do like romantic movies!. Hehe *devilish look*. Mm.. well.. it might be an average romance, and it might be built upon betrayal –as one of my friends described the story- but at the end, I’m keen for the elderly human part. Its amazingly beautiful. Mm.. whom would we grow old with?.. that’s a question, time would only know its answer.
If I ever got to choose, I’ll instantly choose a life similar to this.


I am really wasting so much time playing iThink on facebook. Its so funny .. and.. I like it :P


And by the end of today’s topic, we conclude today’s edition of “Blue’s insider”.
See ya again, wonder when.. wonder how, where or why.. but it sure would come.. as long as air is entering and leaving… a.k.a.. we are living and breathing :)
God bless


Blogger Nisho said...

e3mely zayo ya Lasto... go buy an elegant comforting blue notebook, and make it ur journal... write fel transport, fel maktab, anywhere, and blog later when u can...
keep the convo between u and urself...

i haven seen love actually yet... and batla7'bat beino w ben kaza movie asln :D

bas finding neverland, great choice :D i started loving it since the scene of " JUST A DOG??? " in the park :D adooooooooooooooored it

The notebook... it wasnt just touching, no, it simply presented a value.... that love is no shame, and if u love someone, just choose them, stick to them forever and die with them...
nothing, is an excuse for not picking them in the end and sticking to them..
where they are, our home would always be ;)
(how noah explained it was my fav. quote ;) )

1/14/2008 08:05:00 PM  
Blogger AD sabry said...

happy birth day,so sorry it's to late.
i did not watch notebook yet,
but i like romance movie too.

1/23/2008 08:52:00 AM  
Blogger daffodilLament said...

hye blue!

happy belated birthday!!! my apologies for this ultra-late wishes. may you stay in the pink of health, surrounded in peace & tranquility & be in god's blessings always.

stay sweet! =)

1/24/2008 11:38:00 AM  

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