Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Daily thoughts

Before I start, to the most beautiful person.. to Bibo..
“ I do not really what to tell you girl, Just forget the past and think of your colorful future..
You’ve been dreaming of him for long… tell him “Yes”.. please
Tell him “YES, I DO LOVE YOU..” with the highest voice you might ever have..
BiBo… You’ll be the most beautiful bride.. I know that girl.. I know that..
YOU deserve to be happy..
YOU deserve to have all what you’ve dreamt.. :)
I do not know how to show how happy I feel NOW,,
But know for sure, YOU gave me much more to look forward for.. and therefore, I’ll be praying for you.. I’ll be praying God would grand you the will and the courage to take the step YOU out of the whole world deserve to live to its full :)

Do not forget to invite me on your wedding ;) ;) soon isA


Today.. ah well.. should be calling this blog “I – Today” .. but whatever.. I still like this one to be as my daily memoir. There are things in life one can’t forget!!
Aww! It was partially eclipsing here at 12:38.. and I was following for the 1st time between friends at the open :D .. quite silly! But the feeling was different.

Ok ok.. story from the start. I wake up very late today that I missed my 1st lecture :S .. last night I’ve wake up till very late convincing myself I was studying, but actually thinking quite deep! .. Sometimes one needs this inter-connection with yourself to think in and judge your attitude for the past days.. and here is what I got..
“I’ve been emotionally rushed!”
Weird to admit it now, especially that its not my usual trait.. but anyway.. I wake up on Bavalova’s SMS wondering where was I :D .. and I just couldn’t miss it :D *evil laugh*

I replied to her question in a weird puzzling way, enough to show how down I might be. I started to curse the whole universe describing how horrible I feel and that I wish no one to interfere in my business again :D
She was worried, and things escalated until she began to believe I am going thru a new depressed phase as the one just passed ……. *s3bt 3alaya awi awi ya gama3a wallahi, ana kont raheba* el mohm.. after so many missed calls , she found me entering the lecture around 45 mins passed the start of the 2nd lecture … and guess what happened, we couldn’t stop the laughing frenzy…..
HAPPY APRIL’S FOOOOLS.. *I know its 2 days earlier.. but, as I said, can’t let it go this way :D *

Anyway, it was break time.. peep peep… meeting the folk in the garden..
Today was quite special for we were to present to souvenirs to our OC and AC heads. GOSH! I love the drift of beautiful feelings between those people.. However, what I loved best today was… “YAY people, I am going to appear in the new photos…”
I was feeling extra down because I had no pix with the crew in addition to the ones I wished to have photos with as well :| .. now all the memories I wish to keep are just engraved in my head.. not even with a hint!! I regard me now as being the biggest fool ever… and so I decided, no matter how horrible I look like in photos, I will still have them.. I’ll engage myself in that life to the fullest.. for YEAH, I do,, I am loving it.. :)

Then it was the sun’s eclipse.. it looked very beautiful . yet then I had this thought.. if I was there that moment, probably I’d see us in the garden looking to wards the sun.. with one girl having a black bag at her right side, wearing a pinkish veil with purple glasses.. but who is she.. what is her description.. what she’s doing now or what she’s saying to the people around!!
The thought gave me the impression that we all but very tiny and trivial arrogant things.. we look for what we do not have and leave what’s already in our hands..
At this moment, I wished to say sorry to people and to myself as well.. but time… time is our greatest enemy.. I looked at the watch, it was already past 30 with few minits.. means I got to go.. my 3rd lecture would have already started…

So I took Bavalova and went back to the hall “362* with one line echoing in my head
If I should stay
Well I would only be in your way
And so I'll go, and yet I know
That I'll think of you each step of my way

Gotta sleeeeeeeeeep now… Bye


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