Thursday, March 16, 2006

A day to remember

If I ever said I had the most wonder day of my life, then I’ll be lying. I was highly tension at the start plus I did as horrible in my mid term exam as I had never did before. For the 1st time I’ll have “Big Zero” in an exam.. but all evaporated as soon as I saw those faces around…
Publications team ( Nayer, noha, ye7ya, abdallah)… Bavalovti –definatly- .. Sheryos (my team mate fi kol 7aga 7ata el ushering :@ )… Tee el IT.. Naila.. Men3im… whom.. whom… Mohie.. Khaled… all my dof3a.. 3alaa.. maha.. Abd el rahman and Dina.. Adham and Khaldoooon .. Mai (I got to know her only today!)… Noha Ez (as elegant as always) .. my o my! I can t remember the 70 names right now!!!!!!!!

I was happy ya gama3a gedan…… thanks for making it right in front of my parents. They loved the day true..

Whom… Hobbaaaaz… Adiiii… Hend….
Thanks MoonlightShadow for coming…

Just I want to go some where far away from here…. The desert may be.. or beside the Nile or any sea and shout out loud…

I love being with YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU… and the faces I won’t forget


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
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7/10/2006 11:31:00 PM  
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