Sunday, November 05, 2006

feel before tomorrow night though..

Never been as hesitant.
never been that “not sure”..
Shall I do it?
Shall I kick it.. shall I “click it” all thru?!
This time is different, the passion is true.
I need to say it, to ask and know.
Yet always always, doomed..
“don’t know”...

Tomorrow night, tomorrow night..
If you came along with nothing new..
I’ll click it, I’ll click it
once and for all…

Tomorrow night, tomorrow night
I am waiting for you..

I wished to live it, to kick it
and click it all thru,
I wished to say, to ask and know..
yet all happened so fast and so true..
Tomorrow night, tomorrow night
you've been too generous
but hard on me though...

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