Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No time, No time.. NO TIME!

I have no time, no time at all. Things are rushing in a strange direction.
My ISP cut the connection for a couple of days.. then, we had to sit in college till 7 for 2 days back to back (ALLAH y7ra3 el mashro3 w seneno)….
Tomorrow I should be traveling to my relatives for the death of my uncle’s wife (how much I hate that going.. I loved her, YES, and she’s breaking my heart… but can’t go on to people to act some stupid memorized scenario, I tried to explain that to father,, but God bless him, he yelled at me!)
On Thursday I should b searching my new dress for my best friend’s engagement (that should be having another post on its own, for I am really provoked by her last action).. and on Friday itself the engagement! And between all that, I have to study for the midterms are one week away, do the needed reports AND the stupid project!
I am not stupid wallahi, bas can’t role a fast pace life like this one!

Now tell me please, when how and where can I find space for myself?