Sunday, January 07, 2007

In the memory of..

Two years ago, at that very time, "winter Sonata" was 1st aired on Egyptian Ch. 2. I can never forget the chatty nights WE spent afterwards, Me, Nan & Moon. Waking up till the morning talking about every Tit'n'Bit by Yu Jina and Jo Sang!
Or the night that followed my "Happy Birthday" in the phone with my dear always Mi, and me singing her back on her day :) .. Me and her were always obsessed with the drama. She liked the love story itself.. But I liked the music and the new Korean culture.. and.. the snow..

Now Dananeer reminded me with the drama, and so can't help me searching again, and again. Till I found the OST "my memory" on youtube..
So Listen, and Enjoy.. :)

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