Sunday, April 15, 2007


-- Cut --

You know today.. I finished el exam in 10 mins wala 7aga
w a3da ba2i el hour and half doing nothing but remembering when my grandpa passed away
I was 3.5 years old..
and there asked my father, "whats wrong..?" he said.. "your grandfather died".
"whats died?".. I asked.. "y3ni he went to God".. how he replied..
so, I went to his room..
You know there was a window keda between his room and my cousine's.. I used to sneak thru to him.. playing w keda
I opened el curtains, and saw him lying... wl nas 7awaleh.. and he even moved his finger... i can remember all that..
I just returned to father and asked.... "he's there... "
and was his reply.. "no he went.... he's not coming back.."
"so.. will I ever go to God too?"
"yes" he said... "we'll all do"
"when you have everything in life.."
I don't know if it was a right explanation for a girl in her 3.5 years or not
bas all I knew ever since... life never gives everything..
Sooo.... I was thinking.. what will I need tomorrow, or will be taken from me today..?

-- Cut --

PS: Today was the 1st day in our last midterms isA (amen ya Rab).. antenna :)

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