Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yesterday's blubber..

Literally Its been ages since I wrote in this blog, or the other one as well. Frankly speaking, its not because of how busy I am lately, though I am… I mean, I am very busy 5alas, and I think will stay the same if not more the next couple of months or so.. and frankly speaking too, its not because I have nothing to say. I’d be a big fat lair if I said so. Actually I can start counting the topics to talk about if you want. And each one is even better than the other. 1. The biggest fairy tale ever.. 2. The funday.. 3. The dof3a’s grouped photo day.. 4… blalala.. I don’t even remember… I just remember that this week might be the best I’ve ever had so far.. and still I believe, even the best is yet to come.. however, I am happy like no other msA…
I mean,,, lately I was having few fights within myself keda.. bas now I think I’ve settled to the best choice of all.. seriously.. I don’t know.. probably I want to scream it out and loud :D bas el sabr.. el sabr, I tell myself..

Looks I’m into a new confession post.. but.. well.. because of how excited I am this week, I find that really “words are not enough” .. I find nothing to say!
The funday was SUPERB, the grouped photo was a BLAST! I started to love my dof3a.. would you imagine that? I wonder how would I leave them!
You know 2 days ago I worked on a little movie for the girls.. and suddenly I found tears out of my eyes keda.. I love them all wallahi… girls and boys.. how could I forget them?! Grr… that’s the worst thing about beautiful things always.. it will finish…
I don’t understand till now how the funday is just gone?!
I mean I was waiting for it all through the 5 years I spent in college, and now it was here and gone! Even the grouped photo was here and puff into thin air.. I look into the photos and wonder.. it wasn’t a dream, right? Yeah right, I can see me in the pictures too… that’s.. simply amazing…
Remember when I told you “its all a matter of days no matter how long!”
Yeah, a matter of days… we’ve kept nagging for the year book photos, the t-shirt design, the comments… grrr… writing the comments was another big event.. hanging them… our preparations for it.. funday eve! Funday morning, waking up early to decorate 3m farouk’s bus.. I just don’t believe anything.. its all but a dream wallahi..

And the thing I don’t understand till now, that different type of happiness I was granted all of a sudden. I am blessed.. I am simply blessed wallahi… just.. I have nothing to say… till here and words totally fail me.. and I find me lost… no not lost… I don’t know.. I can’t interpret anything…

Just… may ALLAH keep this memory in our heart forever… My dof3a you are the best… and this week is totally my best too :) …


Blogger Tarek said...

Finally, you wrote something on your blog. Glad you are happy blue and try to arrange periodic meetings with your college mates after you graduate inshallah, at least the close ones there.

4/29/2007 01:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Mohndesa said...

u know i was in handasa ain shams too
really the funday was my best day in handsa .. I discovered on that day that I love my dof3a so much
every thing u mentioned fakreny begreat memories
comments the funday soret eldof3a
elmashro3 everything
elsana di kont haro7 3alshan a7der with one of my friend bas m3rftesh 3ashan elsho3`l:(
begad I love handaset ain shams and I love my dof3a
and i wish begad enena nearrange meeting 3alshan wa7shoony kolhom
Nice post blue :)

4/29/2007 07:40:00 PM  

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