Thursday, April 05, 2007

Deja vu

You know déjà vu, right? I mean, you should be knowing it.. till now, haven’t met a single somebody who didn’t live a déjà vu even once per life time… its like something common between most of us..
And actually, there are quite few theories about the phenomena. However, the one that really stuck me in the head is that we’ve all witnessed our lives before, not in the sense of reincarnation or those Buddhist philosophies.. but rather when we were younger Or probably before existing in the 1st place. And just after watching the whole thing, only fragments of memories lingered upon our un-conscious mind, so that when we already live that, we un-consciously remember! You might disagree with me.. you got all the right to take it or leave it.. but I do strongly believe in that. Sometimes, not just déjà vu times, I feel as if.. ok.. I know what will happen. Not in detailed order. Not even in sequence.. just as if it’s a vague vision for something far away.. and it happens.

Surprisingly, these days I am experiencing a lot of déjà vu. I know what will happen. I know what will the one in front of me say. I know my feelings clear.. oooh! And the stupidest of all.. a vision.. a one and only detailed vision I have this time. For the exact location I am in, the exact person.. GOSH! the exact position I take… the exact dim light.. the exact look on the face.. the exact words I’m listening to.. the exact dress.. the exact feeling I never knew before… Com’n! I am going crazy whenever I see the whole thing in front of my eyes as if it is happening at the NOW!..

So, If you believe what I believe in, do you think this vision is killing me apart as vivid as I see it , because it will most probably happen?!
I know its one stupid question to ask.. ALLAH only knows what will happen.. but I can’t stop myself.. I tried.. but.. the vision keeps visiting me all the time every day.. and everywhere..


Blogger Sam said...

Personally, I tend to accept the Neural theories

Though, as spiritual as I am, I don't see deja vu and reincarnation as intertwined since technically there are differences between them both. I mean take a look at how each Dalai Lama is found and the rituals they go through to make sure that the reincarnated body is truly him, but that's kinda weird, as vast and chaotic the universe is, the spirit of the Dalai Lama miraculously always appears in the body of a Tibetan... never any other nationality :) But I'm sceptic of all religions anyway..

4/05/2007 04:12:00 PM  
Anonymous nousha said...

I don't know, this is really weird !

4/10/2007 12:52:00 PM  

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