Thursday, May 10, 2007

Before I'd go to sleep..

My room looks out of the “recycle bin”.. uncontrollable undesirable mess! Papers are everywhere.. pens scattered all over.. my clothes on the chair not hung for 3 days or something.. my shoes looks scary.. an empty plat beside me with a fork, too lazy to take it to the kitchen… bed looks dreadful… dust on every spot… and me sitting in the middle at my desk, opening my notebook gazing at nothing..

Today was a cute day.. was really cute :) .. no matter how horrible it was… no matter how long and boring.. no matter how tired I was.. yet I loved sharing these moments.. made me smile day long… that is totally strange.. how can a simple word or a single smile turn your day upside down.. I just have no clue till now.. its 3:23 am next morning now, and I’m writing, remembering and smiling.. though I’ve been down enough today.. yes, surprisingly I’ve been down and guilty till death..

Have you ever kept looking at the stars at night, till you reached a point feeling so low that you can’t hold them in your hands?
I am having my stars.. and might millions and millions of light years be shorter than how I feel now.. ridiculous.. my words are ridiculous.. even if you said no, I’d still say yes..

College ended at 7.. I took a bus at 7:15… reached the nearest square at 7:50.. and took my usual walk.. thru my walk it rained.. wasn't rain.. was just few drops.. then was increasing… found me walking, smiling, looking up high and prayed.. and suddenly was like.. “how did I reach my house that fast?”.. time flied.. and the touch of the few drops on my face made me wish to ever stay there long… you know, one day I’d be in the street, not alone.. it will be raining.. I’d ask you to leave everything at hand and we’d walk under the rain.. what you think?.. wouldn’t it be lovely?.. I remember that song now… strange what your mind can recall.. scattered memories from here and there, making it another indescribable mess inside and outside.. unaware of what is in it for you, whom is waiting for you, whom is watching, which is evil and where you’d meet all of the previous..
And leaves me here at 3:40 waking up.. gazing at the screen infront of me, writing these ridiculous words.. yet.. with a wide smile over my face for one good cute reason I have…
I’m grateful.. and really mean it :)

PS: I didn’t read the above before publishing, so for any reason you found spelling mistakes or lack in plot, don’t pay much attention.. its just.. me wished to talk to you tonight before I’d go to sleep..


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