Friday, May 11, 2007

He gave her flowers. She gave him a chance.

Hmm, another boring night was tonight. You know, today was one oral exam I had in college for a very stupid IT report. Whatever, it passed after a 5 hours waiting back to back.. was that living hell they talk about?! .. and for a second, as I was starting to have a terrible headache.. just had this thought of, closing my computer and let me have a life!
Closed the everything, even without byebyes to people.. or anything.. and went to watch TV. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a complete movie. It looks months ago. I even forgot the timings, or the stations number on the list. Wondering aimlessly for few moments till I got 2 at a row… one was for Angelina Julie.. whatever that spelling.. I discovered now that ok “I hate her”.. and the other was “Bed of roses”…

That was actually one big surprise to me. This time was my 3rd to watch. I am a freak. Already knew that. When I love something, then I get addicted.. and I loved this one ever since I saw it for the 1st time like 10 years ago in my old room.. was night and dark.. I didn’t actually watch it then from the very start.. was on channel 2 earth stations.. apparently we didn’t have satellite receive back then too. . yet it was amazing experience I won’t forget.. kept on searching for the sound tracks and till now, can’t find any.. probably as I finish up that all I’d go and search from the very start.. for who knows..
“He gave her flowers. She gave him a chance” was the tag line..
Liza, a desperate girl, who was watched one night crying from her balcony. Next morning she had a surprise flowers delivered directly to her office! .. she wondered a little to discover the fact, it’s the flowers delivery boy, that’s “Christian Slater” (one of my favorite actors, though i hate his action movies) :D .. and the story goes on and on.. they fell in love.. etc.. typical American plot.. yet I still loved it.. hmm.. strange, isn’t it?.. strange how from simple things life begins…

Liked the part when he showed her life from his perspective.. that was nice in deed.. taking her in his daily trips delivering flowers to people, showing her the smiles he enjoys on their faces.. letting her to go into his experience..
There was one conversation between Liza and her girlfriend, that I don’t recall clearly right now. But gota tell you.. it always takes me by surprise.. somehow, fantasy within truth.. hmm.. at least to me.. yay.. that was lovely night, that twisted everything.. and I can recommend everybody to just go, relax and enjoy…


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