Monday, May 21, 2007

Passing by thoughts..

Tomorrow would be my 1st exam isA in the last time exams life long “yaaaa Rab”.. I know, I might be over stressed, reacting horribly to dear people, and even to myself sometimes. Yet you think that’s an excuse for me to have such nightmares?
Basically speaking, I’m a one person who doesn’t dream at all, and even if it happened once upon a time, then make sure I’ll never remember.. that’s true wallahi… except these days.. I am having nightmares either at night or day light, and the fact that each time I wake up as if the dream just happened for real.. remembers the feeling, the incidents, the fine details, plus having a horrible headache. Mm.. what you think?
Its all concerning 2 main issues in my life these days by the way. And I just wish to live in peace now adays. I’m having much urgent things to worry about! .. grr… I hate dreaming in all sorts.. the good and bad..

Enough with wasting my time.. back to studying.. bye


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