Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Between yesterday and today..

so, yesterday was a strange day, I was happy , very happy I was.
1. For a reason I don't know.
2. For a reason I know, but can't tell.
3. For postponing our midterms around 2 weeks.
4. For having my Piko at last (a.k.a my notebook)
5. For the same reason number 2.
6. For the 1st time i felt i am me. the one people know on the virtual world and the one I wish to be. Quite strange it may seem. But hell now! I was funny as ever. I didn't stop myself. I didn't re-think if someone is watching or not. If someone would say how could this girl do blalala.. I did it, lived my life, became whom I wanted to.. and thats it. Quite strange, but not.. thats exactly what happened and don't ask me how or why..

yet today, as I type I don't feel very good. Because, hmm.. tomorrow there should be a meeting and I don't know what to say. Again, not the down phase, not the stupidity feeling, and not even a hidden feeling of not feeling comfortable. Never. But, I don't know. It's like missing something all of a sudden now. Like you suddenly feeling you are lost somewhere and you don't know anything. In fact you don't know anything except except that you don't know. Lasto adri! I quite feel it now more than ever. Lasto adri anything. lasto adri even the thoughts spinning in my head. As if between yesterday and today, I lost hearing myself.

Typing without the same enthusiasm i was going to have yesterday night. I'll just go and try to continue work.
Cheers, bye

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