Sunday, March 11, 2007

On rage

Terribly hate any male who give himself a damn higher right above any female because he believes he’s a higher creature sent by God to earth! While the truth is (in most cases), if you fetched down deep, those are even more childish than any normal female. They are even childish to a level kids will be embarrassed to think of!

Truly hate them. And if its not for me trying to behave, I would have .. well… burst may be.. Insulted most probably…… m3rafsh… bas all of those should be sentenced to else where… especially ba2a.. ah ba2a those who claim they are talking by religion and say this is 7aram and that is halal m3 nafsohom. And even eeeh! They don’t advise you, but more or less order you.
I bet now (in my case at least) ok.. I’m stubborn and hard headed… and I do “a3nd” and NEVER ever bend or surrender, no matter what I am to lose..

Let me give you an example…. We got a fun day, where each “dof3a” wears a certain t-shirt, representing its college memories. Believe it or not, some of the guys there are actually calling for a “5emar” for girls, and t-shirt for boys! MAN! I don’t wear a 5emar, and will never do. Why would I if I’m convinced with my clothes and even asked about it too?. I like me as who I am. My clothes represent me fully this way.
Let alone what I heard while I was talking to one of my Christian college friends, and her reply was “e7na nt7r2 ba2a!”…. :S
And she got a double point!

I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. I seriously don’t understand why females are making this “kolke3a” in such males’ heads!
I remember the same dof3a when a Lecturer –ALLAH ymaseh bl 5eer- said females must be better treated in our community; they even should get more rights than this. They should learn more than males. They should be higher regarded, higher respected.. And YOU (addressing the dof3a) should –at least- allow them to sit in the 1st rows.. YALHWI! There were demos after trying to take our places! Shof el zo2……

Memo told me to reply harsh on their posts on the forum and make my voice heard enough. Since females should never be afraid, plus such “heads” should always find who “ysokohom”. I’m just acting as how my father told me whenever I’d be in such situation I’d wait till someone answers. If not, I’ll do, provided I quitted being on rage..

And that’s but a sample for the outer society.
OK, thanks guys.. you got me hating it already

PS: Be ware, I’m not 3a2l el fasolya!

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