Friday, March 16, 2007


So what?!
What a Question and a reply!
Yeah.. midterms are in less than 2 weeks, and almost I’ve studied zilch (by the word, absolutely nothing. phi, not even zero).. and yup, I gota behave and study. However you know the last term’s ego. Well, not exactly the last term’s ego, but well.. there are few topics going on my mind lately. Kind of topics that keep you waking every night till dawn thinking. Shall I, shall I not.. blahblahblah.. Things if I started opening up here, probably you’d think the blog is hacked or something and its not me talking. Yet, as you can see, its me, with my total free will thinking and trying to take a decision. Wither to close the window as I always do, and got sick of it, or open it abit, and there I might not be ready for such windy winds.
Never mind. Hallucinating or something like it..

So I won’t be talking about it, and frankly speaking because the people related to such topic are most probably reading, and it might confuse the whole lot. Hmm.. or may be the total opposite and none understands s/he meant by the talk, and a much worst consequences happen.

So, it’s not a misery or a tragedy or anything.. its just, believe it or not, I can’t control my head though its mine.
Who said man can control everything?
Tab wareni shtartak.. Invent a buzzer and let us stop the irritating spinning thing above!

So.. I re-opened my blog “3alraf”. But this time, alone.. hmm.. there was Sheryos and Hobba joining me before, now no body. I want it dark, alone, isolated... The darker shade of blue. You can say that..
I don’t have a clear reason, and love it this way.. something popped up.. then I do it.. un-aware of why, when, how, or where.
Strange that such attitude –almost- can’t be done except on the virtual world where I belong..

Today’s song (again): Wind mills of your mind.. Jose feliciano..


Anonymous JJ said...

I just wanted to mention that I suffer from the same mental problem .... I cant stop thinking ... I wish I can even for a veryy short period.
Ana ba2a ya blue mesh mn el people that u mentioned ... bas I have an advice ... aw yemken its more like an experience ... being not ready for windy winds is sth that u should really take care of ... never open a door until u r totally ready .... hope i make sense ;)

3/16/2007 10:46:00 PM  

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