Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why do I do that to the people I love? Is it worth it? to fight with mother and brother and make someone I cherish sad? Does it really worth it?
I feel I’m not balanced lately, and in way I can’t but pretend I am ok. But its all my fault, if I accepted to show a happy face, why should I share others my mood swings?
I will not say I hate those… I am wrong.. I am terribly wrong this time, and its my fault f3lan. Bas what can I do to show them that “I AM NOT OK”! when I already feel even worst each time I say it loud “I AM NOT OK”!.. I hate the pity people draw on their faces. And hate me living the rule of a victim too…

Look.. I’ll go away for sometime. I’ll not blog…. Blogging always gets the worst in me… I will not do it for sometime, and if I can get away from the internet, I will.. thought my studies forces me not to. I’ll try to escape my recent thoughts. Wonder how.. but somehow “I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE”..
Can’t I have a life?

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