Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Before I travel..

One day ago, having my daily cup of coffee was sort of impossible dreams. Now it’s all true, I’m having my morning coffee in my own hands. People! Can’t believe my eyes..
>> Ya! That’s feast spirit..

Today’s morning, I went with my mother and father to a nearby mosque for eid prayer, my brother preferred a distant mosque for it was bigger where he’d meet some of his friends. Hmm, you know we’ve moved in years earlier. And till this moment I never adapted myself to the neighborhood. Its like feeling alienated from the every surrounding, “that’s not my place, that’s not my home!”..
I remember in my childhood the other mosques we used to pray in, much wider with lots of people to meet. Here, there isn’t a single person I know. That’s why I wasn’t enthusiastic going to that small nearby mosque, and was about to cancel the whole thingie. Anyways, we went there after the “1st takberat” were said standing beside some old lady keda in the open garden.

After the prayer was done, we discovered the lady is our neighbor in the same building..
>> Hurray! 1st to know in here…
Then guess what?! We found some people distributing small bags to kids with some balloons, choco.. etc. it was a nice gesture I missed in my childhood, more over, there was that nice looking lady distributing dates “tamr” and choco for much older people (like me :D ) ,, that was cool as well,,,

The best thing, as usual, the kids praying.. their looking in hijab really out of this world. Hijab means purity of the person, so what if you’ve seen some little something pure from inside and outside. Its… indescribable..
After the prayers, returned home with our neighbor to discover her daughter is equal to me in age!!! Quite strange, I never seen her, or knew she exists aslant, and probably she’d think of me the same.. yalla, ma 3alena..

As I reached home, opened the door and here I am in my right place “online” :D .. met few friends. replied some emails, Checked latest in blogs, bombared with silly SMS’s, then thought of blogging a bit before I’m off for the 1st boring visits for my relatives to my father, that (can’t hide) I hate the most of all!

Now I got 5 things left on my to do list:
  1. reply on “Sherif Nagib”’s last lengthy comment on my latest post “Movie time
  2. write my thoughts on “Muhammed – LOP”
  3. Continue my thoughts on “internet addiction” and reply on “The eye witness” comment.
  4. Write some thoughts I thought of about Islam and love yesterday night before sleeping… wonder how people would perceive it..!

Ok, its time to go for my relatives.. wish me easy time..

c ya soon , in shaa ALLAH


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