Sunday, October 22, 2006

Life is too short to wonder about my mistakes.

According to someone’s advice, yesterday I watched the Japanese movie “In the mood for love”. Hmm, the movie is OK and a good watch provided you are an Asian culture fan. Else don't risk; you’d hate your life and the living.
The movie had few problems with me due the subtitle hassle. It was a Japanese movie with Spanish dub :D without English subtitle. And despite the .avi , I couldn’t play it on wmp or jet audio or real or anything! Had to download VLC and DIVx6 and still the subtitles I fetched won’t play .. after hell of trials, it worked,, and I was happy ;)

The rhyme of the movie is very slow, and would get on your nerve. Even the ending itself was some stupid crap. However, I liked the story much. It’s all about 2 people, a he and a she. They were living in the same building and discovered they are identical in every single detail. Starting by their favorite dish.. to their interests ..etc. even to their amazement, they discovered their partners were cheating on them and guess what.. Together!
So, all the time they were actually trying helping themselves to get out of the problem. Ironically they found themselves in the problem. They didn’t wish to be like them, but there were them.. soo..
I won’t tell the ending, for if anyone interested to watch it though. And still I am on my word.. go watch it if you like such films. The Asian ones are almost like a documentary, not like usual American movies, but they got a message after all, and a new story with a twist. Plus the most favorite thing to me, their movies are very very very clean. I haven’t seen a single one rated (apart from the big joke of latest BYJ April snow, it was an utter failure).

The best 2 things in the movie, the OST, a real hit and few dialogues… here is one of them

> I’ve had enough of the gossip.
>> We know it's not true, so why worry?
> I used to think that too, and it didn't worry me. But l was wrong. You won't leave your husband. So I’d rather go away.
>> I didn't think you'd fall in love with me.
> I didn't either. I was only curious to know how it started. Now I know. Feelings can creep up just like that.

  • I loved the protagonist’s dressing a lot.. why do not we have such style in Egypt?
  • The title was said by the hero, and I think it very true..
  • I think, I’m going to have a 2nd watch other time..

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