Thursday, October 05, 2006

Today's tag..

A late reply to Tarek’s, Nesso and Zenobia’s tag. Being lazy the previous days nothing more in fact. Anyways, my 12 favorite blogs (in no specific order)

Zenobia: I love how she writs about current events. Especially when it was “Lebanon strike’s” time, she was marvelous. I even loved her “laila post". She got a sensible mind to think and balance issues cleverly. And to tell you a secret, I made another blog sometime ago called “Blubbering corner” to be like her in a way, but then I discovered what she’s doing is by far away from my abilities, and so I quit :) wish she'd write in arabic as well.

Unbrainwasher: that guy got one of the best working minds I’ve read for. And the best thing of all his magical combination of religion and every day living. Each time I’d read a new post of his, I’d be taken by surprise “how didn’t I think like that before” :)

The eye witness: O boy! I do not remember when I knew about him. Well, no I do in fact, starting by this post, and that was long time before laila. He made me believe, I should never lose hope, this universe still full of hidden pearls.

Ikhnaton2: I got nothing to tell about the guy or the blog. He profoundly got this way to seduce you to his island! YA! Thought I liked his previous blue template better, however, I didn’t follow the blog except recently, because of the bloggers group. Most of all, I love the description “knowledge is not necessarily wisdom”. His writings tackle some forbidden corners in my mind (like this one) and who knows, I might open up someday and he’d be a reason.

Dananeer: she is my girl. I love her in person, and in blog. She is the most sentimental pure creature I’ve met in life. Her writing style is different, as if its prose or something. Her pictures are way too good. My O My! She might be the most I’d love to meet someday..

Abdou Basha: that guy, got a something I can’t define. Thought I prefer his short condensed posts better. But still, can’t stop myself from reading if I found something new posted for him. Only one thing I want him to take care of, his layout got a lot of defaults, sometimes getting on my nerves kind of ones.

Moonlightshadow: I am proudly stating "she's my friend" :)

Tawasol: another blogging island. Loved it when he placed a piece of “Abla fadeela’s” program.. O Boy! I felt like 20 years back :) (the one question I can’t get rid of, why on earth they got to leave each other :S ?! )

Tarek: what should I say?! Hmm, I used to hate him before. :D (I guess that would be enough :P) no seriously, his gr33n data is cool, provided he’d change his new template (the red is horrible) and 2nd of all, stick to his tech news.. however, his cynical writing style on kelmeteen is awesome.

Hadouta: she’s the queen. That’s it..

Tagreba: What to say! his talent amazes me always, and most of all his insisting attitude.. Lol, the best 2 things I remember for him. 1. a poem he once sent me for a depression state I was passing by. 2. The laila talk we had in boswtol :D (Btw: I liked his blogger acount more)
Bottom line is: "that guy gona make it someday"

Houdou Nesbi: TADA! Now we’r talking. Enough to state: he’s the only one I wait for his new posts, and can’t wait to comment, though my comments are not always up to the level. But no, I do not mind. I’ll still read and comment.

Samia: I loved her for being the daughter of my favorite 3amya poet, I loved her for her down to earth attitude and loved her more for her enchanting voice ! wish I’d ever attend any of her “omsyat”.

Did I forget someone?! How could I :S ?

Nessoo: I love this lady! She’s my neighbor however we never met yet :D .. but in all cases I love her calm way of dealing with people and things.


Hadeel: got to know her blog 3 mins ago. but tell you, She got to be mentioned, even as my #1. She got a marvelous taste, beautiful style and above all wonderful scilence you'd love to share in her "mamlaka".. Hadeel, you are too good to be true my dear.

Well, guess these are more than enough! BUT I’ll update if I remember new blogs :)

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