Friday, December 08, 2006

He said, She said..

> hmmmmm..let me tell U a story then.
once there was a guy who wanted to be something.
so he promised himself when he got into the college that he'll do his best to get great grades in college
1st ,2nd,3rd he was doing OK
4th year he got bored of it all.
and he got pass
and in this country the final yeag grade waht really matters
so my advice to U...Pls. don't let it get into U..U R almost there....and only one step away from getting ride of lots of chains.

>> yeah, u r right as always
it needs more trying..

> I know
but trust me.....if U do your best this year ISA u'll remember these words later on...and ted3eely

>> ok,,, so i'll go study
look, i'll write them on my desk..
I know, i'll warm up by these words...

I never find enough "thank you" words for your support my dear friend :)


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