Sunday, December 24, 2006

Todo, Todo… TODO!

Today I had to delete a lot of beautiful treasures, for emptying a drive..
Ana 7azena

It’s horrible when you feel intimacy with your every person and everything!! You’ll have a lot of breakdowns life long :S

Now my to do list has increased changing the colors of this miserable blog! It looks so miserable keda of a loner person.. while its winter and if we didn’t try to refresh ourselves.. we’ll dwell into deeeeeeep depression….

eh… today is 24th….. Merry Christmas to all my Friends who are celebrating these days :)
K, looks my todo added sending few ecards…

1. organizing my drives..
2. installing the programs
3. changing colors.
4. emailing ecards
5. preparing for my communications system project..

So let me “ashamar” and start choosing stuff :)
Love it when its celebrations times…
Haf fun

Ps: Pianolla is having real great stuff these days.. try not to miss it!
Thanks to all my friends contributing there….

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