Thursday, December 14, 2006

The last days and.. today..

Up to the sky!
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Hmm, today I went to a mobile BTC site with my colleges. It was one fine day :) .. the place wasn’t very beautiful, however, such going outs let people become more near to each other… and Hurray! I did take few shots and even opened my Flicker. The pictures taken today might not seem very beautiful; however I love them for 2 things:
1. my first shots..
2. my first real shots!
Naa, seriously, I loved the weather, the company, even our lecturer went with us and one of the TA’s. that was the best thing about it.

I wasn’t that busy last days,, neither am I now, though surprisingly, I should be. Our Final will start Saturday after the next, one of ALLAH’s most hated subjects to me “communication systems”. But you know, I still can’t believe 5alas, we are dwelling into the finals that fast.. and guess what, in sha2 ALLAH that will be my final year.
I can’t take in the idea fully till now..

I try to delete as much files as possible from my compo, since I’m downloading Linux for the graduation project. Got me excited to finally work on that OS. Might seem something trivial, but you know, it’s like me changing my bedroom furniture. I mean, my compo is like my other parallel life.. soo .. you know.. I feel excited to have a new something in my parallel life. In addition to ba2a, I can now understand what my friends keep talking about when they discuss Linux issues and I sit dump keda, can’t understand a zilch!

What else?!
There is a new Italian movie downloaded already, however, I got no guts to watch anything. Now I’m into deep reading..
You know it’s like phases, 1 phase I read a lot, other phase I watch a lot and the 3rd writing till death. Sometimes I have the normal phase, were I do nearly nothing of the previous 3. That phase is the one I happen to be most depressed and talkative awi bardo. Don’t ask how, but it happens to be that way..

We had an accident today!
You know after we met our TA and Dr., they lead us to the site. So there was one u-turn. No ya rabi.. we were actually lead by our x-mandob lel dof3a to the place where the TA and Dr. waiting for us, then there was a u-turn and suddenly a loud brakes were heard, and my friend driving the car stopped with lots of screaming every where.. !
I hate cars. I really deeply do hate cars.. don’t remember when this complex started, but I was sure of it today when my friend stopped.
There was a car that driving very fast, and tried to get away from the car in front of us, then the driver pressed the brakes intensely, that he lost control and his car moved in a circle to turn 180 degrees and hit the car in front of us! That is our x-mandob el dof3a’s car..

1 second was away between us and him. Just 1 second and it would have been us now, and God knows how it will end… Thank you ALLAH for everything..

The time that passed afterward was all about the accident. Something filled the air tension, even in people’s laughter. Hmm.. or may be that was my impression alone.. I don’t know. I didn’t try to open the subject with anyone again. Seemed painful enough..

Eh, I should go now w keda.. Communication systems tonadi..
Yet you know, I don’t wish to go ..
Tomorrow, I will try to return to my examinations habit and study in the club. Though its bit useless on Fridays.


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