Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This year's question..

As the new year rushing forward... I wonder how many people were blocked then deleted from my life, and how many left, and when and where will I decide I need them no more?!

Any Clue?!


Blogger Hechkok said...

I think they are not much and i hope I am one of the added list not the blocked one. Merry christams and a happy new year

12/26/2006 03:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

عايز كل الناس تعرف مدونتك
عايز اصحابك يوصلوا لمدونتك بسهولة
ضيف نفسك في
ارشيف المدونات العربية

ارسل لنا اسم مدونتك و عنوناها و اسمك
في ايميل او كومنت على
هذا البوست

12/26/2006 09:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi blue

from your writings i don't think you can block anyone you are so human ( if we can say) and i mean it in a good way

and if i'm blocked please reconsider
happy new year
و كل سنة و إنت طيبة بمناسبة عيد الأضحى مش هاقول عيد مبارك

12/26/2006 10:13:00 PM  
Anonymous MeMo said...

i think it's easy
you don't need them when you don't feel any defferent without them
and them being in your life costs you sth you are not willing to give
or tolerate
i blocked tons of ppl this year
it's not that hard actually
once ypu do it for the first time . loosing ppl gets easier.. and more dangerous too
because it becomes tooooo easy

12/27/2006 02:08:00 AM  

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