Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yet, after all..

examnation head lines
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You might not believe it, but the exam went better than what I thought, at the least (el 7amd lelah!). I mean, it wasn’t my best kind of things, however as we say “sha3’aaaal”..
Anyways, there are 2 things that made me happy today.

1. Was standing with a friend in my class giving him some stuff keda, when someone in our dof3a came in and told me unexpectedly “you know, away from the exam and stuff. I have to tell you that I really appreciate your replies on our forum. I always feel your words are balanced”.
Seriously, I pretended to be busy with my stuff at hand, as if I heard nothing, couldn’t even talk or look at the person! Its either I looked an idiot all the way, or too arrogant to reply :$ ..
Hmm… that is one of my favorite comments I’d like to hear of all times …. And… hmm.. I don’t even know that person aslan..

2. Opened pianolla to find Eddie posted 2 posts! Look, 7afda7o.. hehe… he’s too depressed lately and I wonder why?!
Was it 5 years ago? Yup guess so. From the radio gang. And was the 1st to reply my emails (throw away the fact it was pure mockery!) however, there was something. He is one of those respectable people for: 1. their knowledge and reasonable onions, 2. good laugh!
Then everything was twisted all of a sudden and there he seemed a real strange person…
Its weird… not only you can be one day up and next down.. but you can be a one person and then another..

Me changed a lot through out the past 5 years as well. But me still me.
Same corny laugh and insane thoughts.. same ill look and psychic personality.. its me after all……….
And especially after hearing the 1st comment today, and another comment mints ago from a 3rd person on being smart… felt like.. you know what..
I looove myself… I really do… and no matter how sometimes I hate me, nag me, pity me, mock me… I never do that except because, I love me, and wish me to be the best always in my eyes and others too..

I don’t think its being too much selfish, nor trivial… nor.. whatever you might guess..
Its only our right, as much as to love our country, love our parents, friends, family… love yourself (ya a5i shewaya :D )

Hehe.. enough with the above stupid talk… let me swing to another something, the above picture..
I took it from our communications system examinations paper for today.
I spent like whole 10 mins in the middle of the exam doing nothing but gazing at these 3 lines and laughing awi keda…
We are in December people, and its written January.. and highly reckon none has noticed this mistake…. BUT what the heck as long as its “B.Sc final” isA…
Let the whole crap in my head go to hell.. and me live in peace..

Yalla,, off to start my microwaves..

PS: do you have an idea how to enjoy my final days in college, hopefully isA, better? You know that way you’d remember it life long w keda..

PS2: again today was officially our 1st meeting in the graduation project, w estfta7na foll isA :D , while installing Linux, we discovered the CD brought is for a 64 bit PC, while the laptop we got 32 bits :D heheheeee…. (error yshel el 7a2e2a)

Nity Nite..

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